11 janvier 2007

Petite virée à Paris hier, fatiguant comme d'habitude: visite des grossistes, marche, métro, mais il fallait bien ça pour me réapprovisionner en apprêts de tout genre après les fêtes...comme image aujourd'hui: un pendentif qui date de quelques mois, toujours dans la technique du dégradé que j'affectionne particulièrement.
Short trip to Paris yesterday, exhausting as usual: visits to the wholesalers,walk, subway, but I had to stock up again with various things such as clasps and so on...Today's pic is a pendant I made a few months ago, using the Skinner blend technique I particularly enjoy working on.

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Anonyme a dit…

I love the subtelty of this piece. Did you cut and assemble the various pieces of Skinner blend and apply them to a base?
What did you use for your cording? Is it wraped all the way around or is the cord actually wrapped?

Jenny in Pittsburgh, PA USA